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Vendome Press (UK)

The Maine House II - Signature Edition

The Maine House II - Signature Edition

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Spend any amount of time in Maine – a weekend, a summer, a lifetime – and its impression lasts forever.

When The Maine House was initially published, the reception was astonishing. Over multiple printings and across the world, the book sounded a rallying cry, summed up perfectly in one of dozens of reviews, that it “crafts a plea to preserve a living history belonging to individual, family, and state; a visual call to recognize these homey structures and others like them as ‘extraordinary gifts.’” The Maine House II moves beyond the authors’ cri de coeur; they’re on a mission. Through 25 homes—inshore, inland, and on islands— McEvoy, Burwell, and Hackett highlight the beauty and importance of preservation, restoration, thoughtful renovation, and low-impact living in the place they love the most.

From visionaries who saw home in a decommissioned lighthouse, a former hotel, and a boat shed to families resolutely leaving generational homes largely untouched (some continuing to live off the grid) and still others honoring vernacular architecture by living with it in surprising ways, The Maine House II captures the myriad ways one can live in this singular place—in the present—while preserving the past and ensuring its future.

296 pages
9 1/4 x 12 in. (235 x 305 mm.), portrait
250 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-86565-442-6
Publication Date: May 2024
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