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Manners Begin at Breakfast – Limited Edition – Signature Edition

Manners Begin at Breakfast – Limited Edition – Signature Edition

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Signed by Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. 
Foreword by Tory Burch. 
Introduction by Dr. Perri Klass. 
Illustrations by Lydia Starkey. 

This delightful keepsake-box edition includes Princess Marie-Chantal’s enchanting go-to handbook on modern etiquette for families, together with a charming notebook for recording those all-important contact details as well as family favorites, from vacations and restaurants to party games and recipes. Featuring indispensable parenting advice on table manners, tech dos and don’ts, being a  good sport, and much, much more,  Manners Begin at Breakfast provides everything you need to negotiate the minefield of manners in the modern world. 

Illustrated with charming, specially commissioned watercolors, featuring a foreword by designer Tory Burch and an introduction by leading pediatrician Dr. Perri Klass, and written in a lively, conversational style, it is certain to become a perennial, must-have parental resource. 

Store treasured family mementos and photographs in the keepsake box. 

"Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, knows a thing or two about manners. (Queen Elizabeth was a guest at her wedding.) But when it came to writing Manners Begin at Breakfast: Modern Etiquette for Families, she leaned on her experiences as a New Yorker, sister, daughter, mother of five, and founder of an incredibly charming children’s line, as much as her decades of navigating royal politesse."

–– Goop 

232 pages 
6 x 9 in. (152 x 229 mm.), portrait 
More than 100 color illustrations 
ISBN 978-0-86565-380-1 
Publication Date: March 2020 

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